Asian Food Media Corporation (AFM) established in 2005 by Mr. Simon Wong. As a veteran in the food industry and a self proclaimed food lover, Simon strongly believes that British Columbia is an exciting place for culinary exploration. His vision is to showcase the ever-growing Food and Beverage industry to their communities and consumers by providing valuable venues for the industry to share its experience and ideas with the general public. Foodies and food lovers get to learn more about the industry and be more informed on making decisions pertaining to food and dining. Asian Food Media Corporation vows to promote the multi-ethnic food culture in British Columbia by bringing food producers, suppliers, importers, retailers, restaurants and consumers all together.

The magazine publication “Best Choice Food Magazine” was launched in 2006 to provide media and Public Relations support to Kwong Fung Food, but more importantly, it also helped raise the profile of local food products and restaurants. The versatile content of the magazine included a restaurant guide, food industry trend alerts, special product introductions and special interviews with different personalities.

The publication of “Chinese Chefs in Vancouver” in 2011 paid tribute to the hard-working chefs whose valuable contributions created the foundation of the vibrant local Chinese restaurant scene. We embrace good partnerships and clientele relationship and have always been an avid supporter of trade and promotional campaigns. Everyone benefits in a vivacious business climate.