Good Bacteria

Scared by the word ‘bacteria’? I don’t blame you.
As kids growing up, we were told to stay away from dirt and bacteria, because they would make us sick.
Nobody ever tells us human bodies need bacteria in order to lead a healthy living. At least not until some dairy marketers start to promote bacteria related terms.
Pre-biotics and pro-biotics, what are they?
Bacteria! That is what they are! But do not be alarmed, these are good bacteria, the kind that our bodies crave.
Pre-biotics stays in our digestive systems and help to make things work and to help balance the yin and yang within.
Pro-biotics helps to maintain and strengthen the good bacteria to make sure they are doing their job.

Yogurt in deed is the best source of pre-biotics and pro-biotics, but root vegetables such as onions, leek, artichokes and lots of fibres produce a healthy dosage of these good bacteria too.

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