5 Healthy Breakfasts in Under 5 Minutes

Many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While the exact timing of when you take your meals is more or less down to preference, those who appreciate breakfast will know that it is an essential part of preparing for the day ahead.

A good breakfast makes you feel satisfied, refreshed, and energized. Eating a healthy breakfast is also a great motivator to eat healthy for the rest of the day. However, many people lack the time to prepare a filling and well-balanced breakfast due to hectic work schedules. Skipping breakfast can leave you agitated, lethargic, and perhaps most notably, hungry. While it’s important to have breakfast every day, it’s also a good idea to have some ideas of breakfasts you can prepare quickly.

Here are 5 healthy breakfasts that you can prepare in just under 5 minutes.

1. Egg and Veggie Breakfast Bowl

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This breakfast combines 1-2 eggs, spinach, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese in a bowl or ramekin and is microwaved for about 1.5 minutes to create this colourful, nutritious breakfast. You can throw the ingredients together and cook it in less than 5 minutes, giving you time to savour the delicious frittata-like texture of this dish. The eggs and cheese make this a very filling breakfast, while the added vegetables give flavour and a boost of vitamins to kickstart your morning.


2. English Muffin Pizza

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This is a healthy upgrade to whatever toast, English muffin, bread, or bagel you may be eating. Top a slice of bread with a spoonful of tomato sauce and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese. Then, simply throw any leftover (or prepared) chopped vegetables on top. Heat it in the oven until the cheese is melted, or zap it in the microwave for about 30 seconds if you’re really pressed for time. While pizza is normally considered an unhealthy food, replacing the usual processed meats with fresh veggies transforms it into a nutritious meal.


3. Greek Yogurt Berry Parfait


Greek yogurt is a filling and protein-packed superfood that is rich in both nutrients and taste. Combining this with chopped strawberries and blueberries creates a dish that is high in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants as well. In a glass cup or bowl, layer berries, Greek yogurt, and granola. Then enjoy. Although it is easy to make, this parfait doesn’t have to be restricted to breakfast. It also serves as a beautiful and healthy dessert or snack.


4. Breakfast Burritos

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In a bowl, place one tortilla and crack an egg on top. Then sprinkle on vegetables, cheese, meat, and seasonings before popping it in the microwave for 1.5 minutes. If you are extra pressed for time, you can easily fold the tortilla into a burrito and take it with you to go. This portable breakfast is high in protein and fiber to keep you feeling full, as well as vitamins and minerals to keep you well-nourished. It is also a fantastic way to use up leftovers from the night before.


5. Melon and Prosciutto

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Who says fast food can’t be classy? This upscale restaurant favourite combines slices of cantaloupe with thin prosciutto ham. Wrap the prosciutto around the cantaloupe slice and secure with a skewer or toothpick. You can also add a garnishing of mint for a cool summery taste. The sweet and salty flavours make this dish uniquely addicting, and can be served as an appetizer for lunch or dinner. If you are trying to fit more fruit into your diet, this should be a way to make your cantaloupe supply disappear!

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