Gyo-O (魚王): Indigenous Japanese Cuisine in the Heart of Richmond

Feeling like to have some cold and fresh Japanese cuisine to cool you down in this heated summer day? We have discovered one classic Japanese restaurant in the heart of Richmond city center for you to enjoy some decent Sushi and sake.

The name Gyo-O represents “king of the fishes”  in Japanese and Chinese; and, much like the name explains itself,  among all kinds of Japanese dishes and ingredients,  Gyo-O insisted on serving the best-quality on seafood-related dishes for a rather reasonable price.


Chef there managed to trigger the freshness of the seafood out by preparing them with a variety of cooking methods. Cod and salmons, for instance, are transformed into a great selection of seafood donburi, seafood ramen, bukkake udon, seafood tempura and soup.

Being a new starter for Japanese food tasting? No worry, we are here for a brief introduction of each Japanese food course and its culture behind. Moreover, we are also offering our recommendation toward dining and ordering in Gyo-O restaurant.

Japanese cuisine placed an overwhelming emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients. One of the most typical forms of Japanese food (also the main type offered in Gyo-O) would be washoku (和食). Washoku stands for the combination set of rice, flavored meat or fish, steamed vegetable, and miso soup. Grilled Seafood are the most common choice to go with rice, alternatively, they are also sometime served raw as sashimi. Gyo-O provides a great number of seafood choices featuring seasonal tuna, salmon, clam meat, and even marinated seaweed salad.


Seafood Donburi

Gyo-O’s absolute signature! It also gives you a chance to try out local seafood in Japanese authentic way, which is designed to enhance the flavor and the texture of the fish. What makes Gyo-O’s Don so special? They brew their soy sauce on their own. Unlike the soy sauce you purchase from grocery store, Gyo-O’s sauce is specifically designed to go with raw fish and plain rice, and thus, it tastes a bit lighter and sweeter.



There is indeed one flavour of Ramen that we found unique and “must-try”: oyster milk ramen. The milk added to the Ramen does guarantee a creamy and “cotton-like” texture and, it even better its looks. What is more, fresh-catch oyster offers a juicy and chewy taste. After all, it can never goes wrong with seafood and milk.

milkSeafood tempura

After enjoying their wonderful main dishes, it would certainly light you up with their deep-fried tempura. Tempura, originated in Japan in 16th century, were evaluated as most popular street food which beloved by all social ranks. Usually, tempura are serviced as side dish to make a perfect pair with miso soup. In Gyo-O’s, tempura were measured to fried in a temperature that ensure the crispness of its covering whereas the freshness and softness of its stuffing.


Lastly, we like to remind you the address of this excellent restaurant: 3779 Sexsmith Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3Z9. Sometime, it can be really crowded during weekend; so don’t hesitate to book ahead if necessary.

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